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Brengman Brothers Estate Wines


Note from Cellar Guys


The wines from the 2020 and 2021 vintages are the dominate wines available and the cellar guys, Robert, and Ryan, are proud of the results. Our partnership with our consultant Shawn Walters continues as his ‘less’ action practice in winemaking seams to be working the magic. Our goal in developing a Leelanau terroir with an old-world spirit is our slogan that started with “Truth in Dirt”. Some of the things that we can control is to be sensitive to our wine’s carbon footprint on how it can be reduced. Practices such as reducing the number of times spent driving up and down the rows in a tractor are counted. We also replaced certain vineyard tasks that used mechanical and tractor equipment with handwork. Our new tagline for the brand is “Big Handwork / Small Footprint” and is available on wearables. Packaging is also being looked at by using glass bottles that weigh less. Is drinking more “local” wine a better solution? We think so and we’re very honored to have such a strong following for our wines.

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