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The 2016 Vintage is a miracle winemakers hope for all their lives. We here at Brengman Brothers were blessed with great weather to complement our perfect soils and microclimate. These wines are going to be historic!




    All of May is Traverse City Uncorked Month. Our international award-winning wines are contributing to the growing recognition of our area as one of the best up and coming wine regions in the world.

  • Feast of St Vincent, Sat April 29

    Feast of St Vincent, Sat April 29

    The annual celebration in hopes for good weather for the upcoming season will soon be upon us. Join us as we begin the tradition with the raising of the barrels on Little Wing then off to the parade.

  • Oyster & Crab Cake Socials!

    Oyster & Crab Cake Socials!

    Savor the best of both coasts with perfect wine pairings to beat the bleak of Midwest winter

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Latest News

  • Robert speaks at International Alsace Festival

    Robert speaks at International Alsace Festival

    Robert joined two other Traverse Coast area winemakers at the 12th Annual Anderson Valley Alsace Varietals Festival. Here’s his report.

  • Nathaniel Wins Gold!

    Nathaniel Wins Gold!

    Nathaniel Rose takes a Double Gold, 3 Golds, 3 Silvers and a Bonze in the San Francisco Chronicle International Wine Competition, the largest in the world!

  • 2016 Historic Harvest Notes

    2016 Historic Harvest Notes

    Mark this year as rare! It looks as if all the elements are coming together to produce truly memorable wines. Look for the release party next summer.

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Latest Writings

  • 2016 Season Notes

    2016 Season Notes

    2016 as a vintage is the best to date! All essential elements came together to create historic Cuvées. Ideal weather leveraged our perfect dirt and microclimate to produce exceptional grapes.

  • Why We Do What We Do

    Why We Do What We Do

    Our Fine Wine Mission Statement

  • 2014 Season Notes

    2014 Season Notes

    The Summer that wasn’t

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