It wasn’t too long ago that “Brengman Brothers” was the answer to this question… who do you know who makes excellent wine that no one knows about? Those times are somewhat behind us now as we begin our fourth year of operating the tasting room. We learned that the commitment to fine wine requires patience and eventually all great places and dedicated people who want to make a difference in this historic trade will receive awareness and many dedicated fans.

  • Introduction to Brengman Bros

    Brother #3 takes you on a magical trip showcasing the Brengman Brothers dream becoming reality


  • Library Wine Dinner Series

    Library Wine Dinner Series

    One down, two more to go for our popular Wine Dinner Series events featuring Chef Tina from Kissing Rock Kitchens. Join us as we spend a winter evening tasting sold out vintages with great food.

  • Sushi Socials

    Sushi Socials

    The pilot Sushi Social was a huge success so we are making dates on the 2016 calendar for this new winter food and wine experience.

  • Oyster Socials are Back!

    Oyster Socials are Back!

    It’s here again… ​prime season for oyster-eating is now as oysters respond to winter's colder temperatures by bulking up with glycogen, adding a scrumptious wave of sugars and fat.

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  • New Media Clip About Brengman Bros

    New Media Clip About Brengman Bros

    The video stars the winery and vineyard with guest appearance from Lauren and Robert. Check it out!

  • 2015 Harvest News

    2015 Harvest News

    Not at all the Estate volume that we hoped for but we experienced the seven loaves of bread and fish miracle with hybrids from our southwest Michigan grower friends.

  • Future Winemaker Margaret Thompson has the answers!

    Future Winemaker Margaret Thompson has the answers!

    We’re lucky to have Maggie spend time with us for her College internship. We sat down with her and asked a series of questions to see where her tastes are when it comes to the fine wine industry;

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